The Bible

Unless otherwise stated, when I write the term “Bible,” I will be referring to the Christian Bible. This is for ease of expression and because the Christian Bible is commonly referred to simply as “Bible” by many people. It is very rare that I hear people of other religions use the term “bible” to refer to their scriptures.

When referring to the first half of the Christian Bible, I will use either the term “Old Testament” or “Hebrew Scriptures”. When referring to those same books arraigned in the order used in the Jewish Cannon, I will use the term “Tanakh” When I am referring to the scriptures of other religions, I will state the name of the book (e.g., The Quran).

In most cases, references to the Christian Bible are from the Kindle edition of the New Revised Standard Edition Bible.*Exceptions will always be referenced.

*Harper Bibles (2011-11-22). NRSV Bible with the Apocrypha. HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

Christian Bible


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