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11 thoughts on “Guestbook”

  1. child of God said:

    It’s obvious God continues to talk to you but you still resist and pretend you don’t understand – Jesus Christ died to save you from everlasting torment in hell. It’s a free gift. You reject this free gift you burn forever. Willing ignorance won’t save you. He knows but you are just fooling yourself.


  2. Hi,
    It has been so much fun conversing with you. I look forward to our discussions all the time and I secretly hope that you will understand the truth in Islam one day.

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    • Hello ayeshaumair,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I also enjoy conversing with you!

      Thank you for stating that you hope I will “understand the truth in Islam one day.” You seem like a kind person and I’m sure that is coming from a good place in your heart. While there is part of me that wishes the same for you (that you see things more the way I do), I can’t really wish that for you. I remember you mentioning that you live in a Muslim country. And, at least what I understand from our news media (let me know if I am misinformed) most (or all) Muslim nations dole out severe punishments to apostates.


      • I have heard the same but this only happens in backward areas where people are too illiterate to understand what Islam really is. They follow a culture they think is Islam. I strongly doubt you can change my view because my journey towards Islam is strongly personal. I wasn’t a very religious person but overtime I studied Quran and fell in love with it.

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