About Skeptic Mom

Welcome to Skeptic Mom!

This blog is for anyone who is interested in atheism, religion, skepticism, critical thinking, or parenting. Dissenting opinions are also welcome.

I am an atheist mother who strives to think skeptically. Therefore, I refer to myself as one skeptic mom (1skepticmom) or simply Skeptic Mom. I have created this space to give myself a place to express myself freely. I hope you will join me. Conversations are always welcome here and through my other Skeptic Mom sites.

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In this blog, I will often discuss Christianity. This is only because it is the religion I am most familiar with and the one that, through its followers, influences my life the directly. I was raised Christian, and was a Christian into my adulthood. Most of my friends and family are also Christian. I am much less familiar with other religions. However, I want to welcome readers to discuss other religions they may be familiar with.

You can also find a post I wrote for Godless Mom titled Better Without Belief in Gods: 5 Reasons Why on the Godless Mom site.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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