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It’s not even December and many Christians are declaring that the war on Christmas has already begun. The current focus of the battle is on Starbucks.As you probably are (painstakingly) aware, Starbucks unveiled their winter season cups and this year they are plain red with the green Starbucks symbol on this.


Apparently, that is not Christmas-y enough for some people and they are outraged. Josh Feuerstein kicked off the “battle” with a video rant about the cups’ lack of Christmas message and a call for action. According to the video, he wants people to go buy a cup of coffee and tell the barista their name is “Merry Christmas” so Starbucks employees are forced to write this on their coffee cup. Businessman, reality TV show personality, and presidential candidate Donald Trump has even suggested people ought to boycott Starbucks based on their red cups. All of this outrage over the red cups has been dubbed #RedCupGate.

Every time I read an article about rage over red cups I think it is so ridiculous that it seems more like a satirical article that one might read about the war on Christmas nonsense than something that people are actually upset about. I mean, it’s just a cup. And last time I checked, red (especially with some green) was pretty Christmas-y. Sure it doesn’t say “Christmas” on it but it is my understanding that the previous Starbucks seasonal cups had winter scenes, but no Christmas message. (Prior to the red cup rage I hadn’t even noticed that Starbucks changed their cups during the winter season.)

Of course, there are many Christians who are not in the slightest bit upset by Starbucks’ red cups. On social media, in comments at the bottom of articles, and in conversations with friends, many Christians are stating that they are not offended by Starbucks’ cups. There’s even a popular hashtag on Twitter #itsjustacup for people to express their lack of outrage over the cups. I suspect that most Christians don’t care what cups Starbucks or any other coffee shop uses.

All this outrage by a few War-on-Christmas Christians has a great likelihood to backfire. In addition to the free publicity that Starbucks is getting over the red cup rage and the potentially increased business from those who buy coffee just to for force baristas to write “Merry Christmas” on their cups, #RedCupGate has annoyed many people. Many people see outrage over a cup as ridiculous (because, of course, it is!). It’s not a large leap from there to realize that outrage over a greeting, such as “happy holidays” or “seasons greetings” is equally ridiculous. So, as far as I am concerned, those of you who are upset over red cups, please continue to speak out. You are doing me and everyone else who is sick of the War on Christmas a great favor.

Theists and non-theists: Please feel free to share your thoughts on Starbucks Red Cups or the War on Christmas in the comments section.

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