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Two police officers in Virginia saw a suspicious light in a wooded area that led them to discover a six-year-old girl who they determined had been abducted. Fortunately, the girl was unharmed. (The article: “Glimmer of light” leads Portsmouth officers to abducted girl.)

Thanks to the observant officers doing their job, the story had a happy ending. Many people did thank the officers. Some thanked the officers and their god. A number of people thanked “Jesus” or “God” ONLY. Many of these commenters also stated “God is Good!”

What if the officers hadn’t seen anything suspicious and the girl was terribly hurt? Would the same people then state that their god is bad? I think we can all be confident that they would not. Many children are hurt by predictors everyday. These same believers never seem to admonish their god for failing to protect those children. If a child is saved, they praise their god; if a child is hurt, they blame people.

I can only imagine how victims of child predictors feel reading so many commenters writing how god is good for protecting this child. Do they think that the god cared more about this girl than about them? Do they assume that those making the comments think that those who have been hurt were not as important as those who were saved? Are they angry? Are they hurt?

In my opinion, we would be better off thanking the people we actually know helped, instead of assuming there must be a supernatural force behind the helping. This may help victims from feeling insignificant to others and it may encourage more people to help others.

What is your opinion?

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