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I have a new favorite podcast to add to my list of favorite podcasts. The the podcast is called “Unbelievable?“. The most surprising thing about this podcast is it is a Christian podcast. I never expected a Christian podcast to make my list of favorite podcasts, but this one does.

The aim of the show is to get Christians and non-Christians talking about a variety of interesting topics. The show often has a Christian and an atheist discussing a particular topic. The host, Justin Brierley, does a great job of letting the guests have an honest discussion. Each side has an opportunity to make his or her points. And, Mr. Brieley does an excellent job summing up the points a guest is making, even when he disagrees with them.

Another aspect of the show that I really like is that it does not contain any explicit language. This makes it something I can listen to in front of the kids without having to worry that they will be introducing a new word they learned on it during school. Of course, there may be some topics that inappropriate for some age groups.

My nine-year-old daughter enjoys the show as well. I think she likes to think about big issues. She actually requests to listen to it when we are taking trips in the car.

As I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts, I am trilled to have one more to add to my rotation. And, I am even more thrilled to have finally found a family friendly that one I enjoy.

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