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The recent Nepal earthquake has been devastating. At the time of this writing, there are over 5,000 people confirmed dead. The death toll is expected to rise to around 10,000 people. And, these numbers do not include the number of people who have been severely injured.

In the mist of this tragedy, many people are understandably looking for some good news. One positive story that some people have found uplifting is the rescue of a four-month-old baby boy. The infant was trapped for about 22 hours before being rescued. Fortunately, the baby seems to be in relatively good health with no serious injuries.

Like everyone, I am very happy that the baby is in good condition. I am sure his family is overjoyed.

I can understand why many people have gravitated toward this story. It is unexpected good news in the wake of utter devastation. However, I have a hard time understanding some of the reactions.

On Facebook, I saw a string of posts thanking Jesus or god for the rescue of the baby. One of the posters even stated, “God is good all the time.”

Presumably, those posting these messages believe that their god took an interest in this particular child and ensure that he was rescued. However, assuming that this god had the ability to prevent the earthquake or to ensure that no one was hurt by it, then that god either ignored the many thousands of other people who did not survive or took an active role in their demise. That does not sound like a good god to me.

Personally, I find the idea that a “good god” recused some people but allowed many thousands of other people to be destroyed insulting to the families that lost loved ones. Those who have read the story of this child’s rescue and posted sentiments such as “god is good all of the time” are in essence saying that the lives of all of the people who were killed were unimportant. I cannot even image how the parent of a child who was killed in the earthquake must feel hearing people say god is good because he chose to help this one child but not the other children.

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News article about the events described in this article: A baby has been rescued after 22 hours under rubble following the Nepal earthquake

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